Responsible Sourcing Goals and Targets - Minted Space

Responsible Sourcing Goals and Targets

Minted Space

Minted Space™ is committed to continuous growth and improvement in the quality of our products and customer satisfaction.  Sustainability is rooted in our foundation as the company was created to serve as a centralized platform for chic, affordable sustainable home furnishings and décor.  We are proud to offer FSC-certified, fair trade, reclaimed, recycled, sustainable and ethical products in our store. 

Since our store launch in January 2021, we have improved our sustainability standards and procurement selection.  In the fall of 2021, we introduced the Minted Space Eco Guide.  Our exclusive Eco Guide helps you easily identify the sustainability levels of each product we sell.  We value and take pride in transparency and are excited to help elevate your ethical shopping experience.

As we continue to push our own standards, we have reached our goal for 2022 and have more than 50% of all wood products in our store either FSC certified, reclaimed, recycled or sourced from sustainable plantations.  We have also reached our goal for the start of 2023 to increase the total number of FSC-certified, reclaimed and/or recycled wood we sell to 30% of our inventory.

We continue to preserve old forests and therefore do not procure or sell wood that is slow growth unless that wood is reclaimed, recycled or FSC-certified.