Eco Guide

The Minted Space Eco Guide is an exclusive, award-winning guide that helps customers easily identify the sustainability levels of each product.


Made from eco-friendly materials that are reclaimed, recycled, regenerative, renewable, recyclable, or natural

Reclaimed and Recycled

Made from reclaimed or recycled materials

Sustainably Sourced

Sourced from a sustainable plantation

Renewable and Regenerative

Made from rapidly renewable plants

Natural Materials

Made from natural materials

LED Lighting

LED bulbs & lighting

Handcrafted and Artisanal

Handcrafted by artisans

Fair Trade

Supports fair trade and labor practices


Ethically made from brands that implement fair trade practices
and promote charitable causes.


Certified by a third party organization

Responsible Forest Management

Sourced from responsible forests

Carbon Neutral Shipping

Shipping is offset with carbon neutral credits

Please note that this guide is based on gathered information from our manufacturers and unless noted, is not certified by a third party affiliate.