Sustainability Standards

What kind of sustainability standards can I expect from Minted Space?

Minted Space offers eco-friendly and fair trade home furnishings and décor.  

All furniture collections must meet our baseline sustainability standards.  These standards include materials that are either sustainably sourced, reclaimed, recycled, regenerative and/or certified. 

Our décor collection features many fair trade, handcrafted items made from recycled materials.  Our lighting collection features LED lighting and LED-compatible fixtures made of durable, mindful materials. 

How do you source the wood for your products?

To read more about our responsible wood sourcing policy, click here.

Where can I learn more about each product's sustainability levels?

View our Eco Guide to help determine the sustainability levels for each product we sell. To learn more about our commitment to responsible forest management, read about our 2022 Goals here.

Returns & Shipping

What is your return policy?

Our return and refund policies vary by manufacturer. Please read our Returns policy page to learn more about the policy for your specific item of interest.  If you can’t find the manufacturer associated with your product, please contact us at and we will happily assist you.

How does shipping work?

We ship to the continental United States.  Shipping rates and policies vary per manufacturer.  Please contact us at for further questions.

Additional Information

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