Minted Space® brings you the best in luxury, eco-friendly home living.  Our collections feature beautifully crafted and sustainably sourced products from brands that implement fair trade practices and utilize non-toxic materials.

We are fueled by a mission to make eco-friendly home living more transparent and accessible.  We are mindful that shopping for eco-friendly furniture can be time consuming which is why we created our award-winning Eco Guide .  The Minted Space Eco Guide displays user-friendly icons that depict each product’s sustainability attributes.  

We offer carbon offset shipping for every purchase made.  Minted Space is woman-owned and donates 1% of profits to charitable causes. 

2023 Goals

An industry leader in environmental stewardship, Minted Space continues to improve our commitment to sustainability.  We proudly only sell wood furniture that is either fast-growing, sustainably sourced, FSC certified, reclaimed or recycled.  You can learn more about our 2023 Progress here. 


We have received national recognition for our responsible wood sourcing policies from the National Wildlife Federation and Sustainable Furnishings Council and are proud recipients of the 2021 and 2022 Top Wood Furniture Scorecard award. 

We are proud to be featured and included in publications such as Architectural Digest, The Washington Post, Ocean Home Magazine, Homes & Gardens, House Beautiful, The Chicago Tribune, Yahoo!, The Spruce, The Zoe Report, Bustle, Insider, TAMPA magazine, Sarasota Magazine,, Real Homes Well Defined and more. 

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1% of Sales Donated
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