6 Take-Aways from Vogue’s Sustainability Guide

Vogue Magazine recently published a 6-point guide to discerning sustainable fashion.  The article encourages us to go beyond buzzwords like “sustainable” and “eco-friendly” and to truly reshape our buying habits.  Below are the 6 tips for becoming a conscious consumer according to Emily Chan, Vogue Sustainability Editor. 

  1. Buy less and buy better

According to @EcoAge’s chief brand officer Harriet Vocking, a good rule of thumb is to ask yourself three questions: “What are you buying and why? What do you really need? Will you wear it at least 30 times?”

  1. Invest in sustainable fashion brands

Look for designers who upcycle materials.  Upcycling is when a material or product that would typically be discarded is instead transformed into something new.  It differs from recycling in that it doesn’t involve the destruction of waste.  Upcycling is a highly creative art form.  Check out fashion designers like Tricia Fix and Reformation who offer upcycled products.  Also, Onyx and Wolf uses upcycled materials to create funky, unique jewelry.

  1. Shop secondhand and vintage
  1. Try renting

According to the article which cites a Censuswide study, “an astonishing 50m garments are bought and worn just once every summer in the UK alone.”  Fashion rental companies have been popular for years due to their economic benefits and this is another reason to support them.  

  1. Avoid greenwashing

Some brands have more bark than bite when it comes to authentic sustainability.  Take the time to read a brand’s mission and business practices.  Where do they source their materials?  Do they support fair trade?  Will your purchase be offset by carbon offset programs?

  1. Know your materials

It takes approximately 650-700 gallons of water to make one cotton t-shirt.  Bamboo clothing uses one-third less water to make clothing as opposed to regular cotton.  Organic cotton also uses less water than conventional water and is void of harmful pesticides.

Increasing your awareness increases your purchasing power.  Supporting brands that dedicated to conscious consumption is a great way for #mindfulliving. To learn more about sustainable fashion, tune in on Thursday, 4/22 for our chat with designer @triciafix.

Source: Vogue, @chan_ely (Emily Chan) 4/12/21

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