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The #mymintedspace challenge has been updated!

First place -  $500 Minted Space Gift Card

Second Place - $350 Minted Space Gift Card

Third Place - $250 Minted Space Gift Card

All contestants who enter will receive a $25 Minted Space Gift Card.

The entry deadline has been extended to December 10th, 2022The top three winners will be announced on December 14th, 2022.  

To enter:  Show us your fav eco-chic space!  It can be an indoor or outdoor space.  Anywhere.  Also, tell us how it's eco-friendly.

1)   Snap the space and email the picture to

2)   Tell us how it's eco-friendly.  For example, is any of the furniture or decor made from reclaimed or recycled materials?  Is it certified FSC, GREENGUARD, Organic, OEKO-Tex 100, Cradle-2-Cradle, etc? Was zero VOC paint used on the walls? Are the floors made from cork or bamboo?  Is the build energy or water efficient?

If you want to share your picture on your own social media, please do! Tag us at:

Instagram: @mintedspace

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