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Minted Space offers curated sustainable home furniture, lighting and decor.  As a U.S. based, woman-owned company, we present updated collections of eco-friendly, responsibly-sourced products. Our collections feature reclaimed, recycled, fast growing and FSC-certified woods, natural materials, non-toxic finishes and energy-efficient lighting.  The majority of our curated products are handmade, artisan crafted.  Minted Space offers carbon neutral shipping with each purchase and donates 1% of all sales towards sustainable initiatives.

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Sustainable Shop

Our online store is a curated collection of sustainable home furnishings, lighting and decor.  We support brands that integrate sustainable materials and practices into their mission.  Our collections include products manufactured from sustainable wood, for example, FSC certified, reclaimed, recycled and fast growing, as well as products made from natural fibers, durable materials and non-toxic finishes.  Most of our products are handmade, artisan crafted in North America.

Every item in our store has a baseline for sustainability whether it is materials, toxicity or shipping practices.  We are mindful of our carbon footprint and participate in a carbon offset shipping program for every purchase made from our store. 

Giving Back

In addition to our carbon neutral shipping program, we donate 1% of annual online sales towards sustainable initiatives.  We value you, the conscious consumer, and aim to bring you the best in high quality, affordable sustainable home products, design and practices.

Sustainable Furnishings Council Member
As proud members of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, our commitment to sustainability is exemplified through our own accountability and integration of sustainable practices and operations model.




Sarit Marcus, is a certified LEED Green Associate in Interior Design & Construction from the USGBC. 


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